Mr. Mohammad Rashid Al Falasi

- Chairman

Mr. Mohammad Rashid Al Falasi is a savvy Emirati businessman who comes from an entrepreneurship family that has businesses in Dubai since decades. With investments in healthcare, realestate, food and beverages, as well as aluminum and joinery, he looks at creating a world-class business investment that opens the opportunity for economic growth for the UAE as well as creating sustainable business and opening the door for jobs for the future talents of the UAE and the Arab world.


Dr. Tamer F. Elewa

- Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Tamer has an experience that extends since 1998 in the region, full of success stories. In addition to his professional experience, leading HR teams across a region of 74 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe, he has authentic research in the field of Change Management (Masters degree) and Employee Engagement (Doctorate Degree), in addition to studying his masters degree in Applied Psychology (Forensic Psychology) all from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, UK. He has managed to develop globally trusted change management models and employee engagement models that have been well recognized globally.
In addition to his professional and academic experience, Dr. Tamer has performed high level consultancy work for some of the most renowned organizations, including Ford, BMW, Infiniti, Abbott, Janssen Cilag, as well as several governmental organizations including the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, The world Government Summit, and the Ministry of Health in UAE.
Dr. Tamer is an internationally recognized speaker and has chaired several international conferences in Europe and the Middle East, and he has also been invited to several TV programs discussing human capital development.


Mr. Awad Sami

- Partner

Mr. Awad Sami is an athlete and an advisor in the sports field for more than four decades ever since he came to UAE in 1976. Since that time he dedicated all his time in the sports industry till he became one of the pillars and most well known entrepreneur in UAE.
Starting with a well recognized and expertise in organizing sports championships locally and internationally for the last 15 years in the nation and the Arab countries.
A proven track record for more than forty successful Tournaments in the Middle East.
In 2000 he started focusing in the sports events management business mainly in Dubai and Egypt. He became a pioneer in the market in this field and acquired several local and international recognitions with numerous awards all over the globe.
Mr. Sami has a substantial mixed business portfolio in different other fields, just to count a few in retail, tourism, education, corporate events for blue ship organizations and most potential in real estate investments in UAE and Egypt.